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Arun Chandrakumar PhD (Postdoctoral Scholar)  

During his doctoral work in Dr Robert Rottapel's lab at the University of Toronto, he identified new substrates of an ADP-ribose dependent protein degradation system regulated by Tankyrase and RNF146.  He showed that these substrates (SH3BP5 and SH3BP5L) are homologous guanine exchange factors for the Rab11a GTPase. He characterized the role of this degradation pathway during epithelial lumenogenesis using CRISPR and confocal microscopy where Tankyrase inhibits SH3BP5/SH3BP5L during lumen formation and RNF146 acts as a positive regulator of lumen formation by regulating Tankyrase stability.





Bose LabWoogwang Sim PhD (Postdoctoral Scholar)

During his time as team leader of the AI Lab at OncoCross and prior doctoral work in Jungsul Lee's lab at KAIST, he developed expertise in research investigating novel biomarkers of cancer occurrence and/or progression to improve the clinical outcome of cancer patients based on multi-scale biomedical data.









Ruhollah Moussavi-Baygi PhD (co-mentored Postdoctoral Scholar with Goodarzi Lab)

During his time in the Goodarzi lab, and prior graduate work with Mohammad Mofrad at UC Berkeley, he developed interests in computational cancer genetics & evolution, nucleo-cytoplasmic dynamics & deep learning.

















Ivy Fang (Research Specialist)

received her bachelor's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at San Francisco State University.  Previously, she has developed her understanding in the role of chemokine receptors in cancer health disparities and T cell differentiation in the tumor microenvironment.







Lab Alumni

Peng Jin PhD         Prior Postdoctoral Scholar                                where now

Lisanne Vermeer    Prior MSc Candidate at Utrecht University       where Now

Kharishma Patel     Prior MSc Candidate at Utrecht University       Where Now

Andy Dang             Prior Administrative Analyst                               Where Now


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