The Bose Lab is hiring:

post-doctoral or clinical fellows 

graduate students

research specialists / technicians


We welcome:

  • experience with large dataset experiments / analysis (e.g. DNA-seq, RNA-seq, SC-seq, ChIP-seq)
  • people with a strong background in cell biology, immunology, molecular biology, epigenetics, flow cytometry or mouse modeling.  
  • experience with R programming, or a desire to learn it
  • people for all career paths.  We are equally happy whether you are aiming for a career in academia, industry or don't know yet
  • collaboration.  We are happy to co-mentor you in partnership with another lab

We want individuals who:

  • are hard-core about science
  • are meticulous about their work, and use appropriate controls in experiments
  • genuinely enjoy doing experiments themselves
  • are open to learning new skills
  • are enthusiastic
  • see the glass as half-full


To apply to the Bose Lab:

  • click on the appropriate button below to email the following information:
    • desired start date 
    • your future goals and research background (either in email directly or in a cover letter)
    • please name the principal investigator of your current lab, as well as prior labs in which you have spent substantial time
    • please attach your CV
    • please name at least two references and their contact info (optional for students)
    • please attach one recent publication exemplifying data generated directly by you (if possible)


 apply for postdoc / clinical fellow position

apply for grad STUDENT ROTATION 

apply for specialist / technician position  

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